You know you’re a Richard Armitage fan when…

Here’s my own list made from one found on The Squee (see the complete original here ) I have checked 16 of 20, what about you ? How severe is you addiction ? 

  1. You would never have watched Robin Hood if it wasn’t for Guy of Gisborne.
  2. You thought Marian pretty much got what she deserved by the end of series 2.
  3. You suddenly take a very keen interest in Spooks, after having more or less ignored it for six series
  4. Sarah Caulfield. Loathe her or ignore her, you can’t like her.
  5. Hearing phrases such as “look back at me” and “lie down” make your knees weak.
  6. You’ve joined the Army.
  7. You can’t hear Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” without getting delicious flashbacks from fanvids on YouTube.
  8. You have collected a huge folder of pictures of RA (or several folders)
  9. You have attempted to make graphics with said pictures, avatars, icons and/or siggys.
  10. You have posted on at least one fan blog (or more).
  11. You find it funny (but not surprising) that of the ten Google search suggestions for “Richard Armitage”, half are “girlfriend”, “wife”, “married” and “dating”.
  12. You can’t watch Sense & Sensibility 95’s final scene anymore without giggling like a schoolgirl, trying in the meantime to reproduce “that extraordinary noise.”
  13. Your significant other calls you “Mrs. Armitage”.
  14. You’re astonished at actually participating in “fan sites” for the first time ever.
  15. You during breaks and lunch at work go to a computer just in case any of your regular RA haunts have updated some new tidbit or picture
  16. You find it more or less impossible to listen to an RA-read audiobook and pay attention to what’s actually being said.
  17. You’ve written to his agent to ask for an autograph.
  18. …And then waxed lyrically about it on a fan forum once you’ve received it.
  19. The word “peaches” is no longer associated with a fruit
  20. …In fact, you can’t hear/think of peaches without grinning.

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