Effects of Richard Armitage pictures on me

Servetus’ blog was one of the firsts RA blog I came across when it all started. I love how much thoughts she puts in every posts, how much she pushes her readers to go further, each article is challenging and causes a questioning – even if I sometimes find it difficult to  push my argument so far in english than in french ^^. I chose to extract the last paragraph, one in which I find myself the most. You will find  this entire post on the link above.

And so, I grin. When I flip, first thing in the morning, to see what the Picture of the Day is — a vision into the things that fellow fans find beautiful, as well — a smile emerges on my face that stretches from ear to ear, that widens my eyes and makes me take a deep breath. I won’t claim that my fantasies are innocent; they most certainly are not, but when I look at these pictures I am gripped by a sensation of quotidian purity and intensity that is emphatically not prurient. It’s like suddenly the air just got a whole lot cleaner and butterflies start flying past at high speed as my eyes get wider and wider and I have the feeling that I’m going to discover what I need to know. Looking at pictures of Richard Armitage, as much as anything else in my life recently, makes me grin in a way that reminds me to believe in my own potential and legitimates a kind of attempt to understand pieces of the world that I’d mostly forgotten about.And if forget about the significance of the quest to understand I can always turn to a picture of Richard Armitage and be reminded of what it’s important — and grin.So yeah. Still grinning. Every morning. Every time I see his face.

Effects of Richard Armitage pictures on me

  1. Ouah, merci! I’m glad you like the blog. And there’s no way I could write it in French; your English is impressive.

    And Mr. Armitage brightens up one’s life, every day, every minute.

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