Why him ? (part 2)

Why him ? Come on, it’s Lucas ! 

Let’s resume my ramblings, first part here.

Second question the obvious one : why him ?

Of course, Richard is a charming man, there would be no Army wearing his name if he were not. And of course he does have certain qualities searched amongst men : tall, broad shoulders, large hands, bright smile, piercing blue eyes and deep voice, I can’t deny it.

But like a Sean Bean, there is something about him, some duality, some darkness in his features with his fine lips and too long nose (which is perfect in its imperfection, he wouldn’t be himself without it) that allows him to play whoever he wants, good or evil. But it gives him quite a stern look. Each of these features taken separately is a flaw, but put together they create a harmony more than attractive. Richard turns his flaws into qualities, which brings a depth to him, a depth impossible to resist. He’s not perfect, just a normal human being and yet so tangible.

He’s not plain gorgeous, he’s not just a pretty face and I think that’s why so many people actually like him, why I like him. Because it makes me want to see past that face and enjoy what he can bring on screen. He also seems so modest and humble, so polite in every single interview that it’s impossible not to like him.

I’ve got a huge respect for his work, I’ve rarely been so moved by an actor as I’ve been by him. That’s how my addiction  fondness started I guess 🙂

30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge : Day 26

26. Your favourite website and/or blog.

random pictures of Porter because of reasons

RichardArmitageNet.com is the ultimate website for any respectable fan. A huge gallery, audio clips / videos, a massive amount of interviews, news regularly. And of course, the picture of the day :).

MeandRichad  was one of the firsts RA blog I came across when it all started. I’ve already explained here my fondness of Servetus blog so I won’t repeat myself 🙂

30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge : Day 25

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Day 25. An audio book you would like him to record. I do listen to audiobooks, as a non-native english speaker, it really helps me to get the language melody. For me, there’s two kinds of books : those to read those to listen to. An example worth a thousand words : Hungers Games is a book to listen … Lire la suite


Et bien, je repère dans les scripts les passages où je dois me déshabiller et je prévois d’aller dans une salle de sport, mais ensuite les plannings sont changés et la scène est à tourner le lendemain et je me dis ” Attendez, je viens juste de m’enfiler une pizza !”. En général avant ce genre de scènes, j’évite … Lire la suite

Why him ? Why me ? Why now ?

Thoughts about fangirling (with Spooks behind the scenes pictures because, come on, nobody’s gonna read so many words without RA pictures 😛 (and I’m still not over Lucas…))

I’m sorry if I post very little original content this week but my job takes a lot of my time (and energy…). So unfortunately I just react and reblogg. In default of creating content, I want to provoke a reflection amongst Ra’s fans. And when I say fans, I don’t think of those who only admire his body ‘hmmmm what a pretty boy’, but of hopeless cases like mine, desperately addicted (these questions can also well be applied to all die hard fans, be it RA, Fassy, Hiddles or Eoin 😉 ) 

As I’ve written several times on this blog, being a fan reveals as much, if not more, of us than of our fangirling’s subject. Of course, when I say I’m a fan of RA, it necessarily concerns him, as he remains the object of my affection. But I think, above all, by liking him, I define and also reveals who I am. 

First question, the easiest : why now ? 

I’ve already explained here it wasn’t love at first sight with Richard, far from it. So why have I yield this time? I’ve fallen for him about 4 months ago. This coincides almost perfectly with my new job.  

By getting this position, I hadn’t expected three things : stress, pressure and management. I do what I love, but there are certain aspects that are really hard on me. This is my first real job, I can’t screw it, I’ve worked too much for this. Furthermore, I had to leave all my friends and a city I love for the middle of nowhere. 

All this to say that I was in period of doubt, change and stress when RA came into my life. He was a distraction, literally, he diverted me from my daily worries. He became a haven, as a comforting cuddly toy, and I fucking needed it. I’ve always tended to isolate myself from the world when things got too hard to deal with, as a child I used to live thousands and thousands adventures in my imaginary world. And that’s what I found in this addiction. It’s the way I found to bear my real life difficulties. 

30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge : Day 25

Cette galerie contient 2 photos.

30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge Day 24. A cameo role you would like to see. Pfff… I really don’t know. My mind is completely blank. The only thing I can think about is probably Sherlock Holmes. He could come and say hello to Martin. I know my answer is a bit lame, but I really don’t … Lire la suite


Ce qu’il y a de mieux dans le fait d’être sur scène, c’est lorsque vous êtes en plein milieu d’une scène et que vous perdez le contrôle. Vous avez cette énorme poussée d’adrénaline, et c’est comme si vous voliez ou que vous étiez en feu. Une fois que vous l’avez ressenti, vous en pouvez plus vous … Lire la suite

30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge : Day 24

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30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge. 23. A confession. I’ve already confessed to richardarmitageconfessions but I have another one in mind.This peculiar scene in Spooks (S9 E4) triggered something in me. Therefore the screencaps. When I saw Lucas sitting next to Maya on the bed, watching (almost guarding) her in her sleep, with such a longing … Lire la suite

30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge

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30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge 22. Your least favourite photo. This whole photoshoot is wrong. I don’t know if I have to laugh or cry. It’s so ridiculous. No wonder why I started my post about Richard’s styling issues with one of these pictures… hughh….