30 day Richard Armitage Challenge

I’m getting behind with my answers so I’ll combine days 15 and 16  🙂

Day 15. A role you would love to see him in.

Artwork by Gizthegunslinger

Richard III is the first one I think of, because it’s a project so close to his heart that I’d love to see it coming true. But I’m afraid he’ll be too old for the part when funds will finally be granted, and that would be such a waste ! 

Day 16. A role you would not want him to do.

Any character who will eventually die. I don’t want Richard to be the next Sean Bean ( which wouldn’t be a bad thing, he’s an amazing actor).But I’m sick of mourning so many of his characters. Is it to much to ask for a few happy ends ?

My answer refers to the previous question. I’d love that he embodies less villains, I do not want him to be typecast as the tortured guy. A little comedy from time to time would be refreshing, I want to see him smile! 😀

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