30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge

30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge

Day 21. A role of his you haven’t seen, but would like to.

Thorin Oakenshield.

I never was a LOTR fan. I’ve seen the movies, enjoyed them, but never read the books, I haven’t gone beyond the first 40 pages. It was too heavy, too detailed, too slow and quite indigestible. Maybe I was too young when I tried to read it, but I read Dune series smoothly and with great pleasure at the same age… I don’t think I’m a “lazy reader” ^^

All that to say that I haven’t been hooked by LOTR but I loved Bilbo. When I  was 9/10 years old, my nanny used to read me an excerpt every evening after coming home from school, and she didn’t just read it, she acted as if it were a play. Even without Richard, I would have been eager to see the film. With him, it’s even better ! Even if he doesn’t escape Sean Bean curse…. 

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