30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge : Day 24

30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge.

23. A confession.

I’ve already confessed to richardarmitageconfessions but I have another one in mind.This peculiar scene in Spooks (S9 E4) triggered something in me. Therefore the screencaps.

When I saw Lucas sitting next to Maya on the bed, watching (almost guarding) her in her sleep, with such a longing and loving expression on his face, I wanted him. It was more than the usual fangirling – omg he so handsome and talented blablabla…-

I wanted the man, I wanted him in my bed not in a sexual way, my fantasies haven’t crossed that line…yet, looking at me with these same loving eyes. I wanted to wake up next to him and draw the lines of his back with my fingers. This violent desire completely took me by surprise. And ever since, I can’t quite shake off this feeling.

But it’s not about him, I think hope , more about Lucas. 

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