Oh dear bearded beauty…

I know these pictures are old news but I can’t get over them. Not yet.

I’ve said here how much I love his outfit, but this time it’s not about fashion.

I don’t want to be brainy, to analyze and dissect why I love these pictures so much. It’s not important. What is, however, and what fascinates me is how much he appeals to me. Every time I look at them, it stirs my insides, provoking such a strong gut reaction.

I didn’t used to desire him, at least not until recently, but when I see a picture like the one above, I must admit I want him really bad 🙂 I just want to be shallow and enjoy his gorgeousness.

What about you ? Do you have a picture that always do the trick for you ? Launching butterflies in you stomach every time you lay eyes on him ?

  1. I’m really not into a beard but these pictures from the airport have truly knocked me off my feet and have made me kinda giddy over and over again. I love them! They cause an instant, direct and very strong bodily reaction and they always leave me agitated and almost at a loss whereto with all my keenly felt emotions…Is this because it’s him as a private person and not in a role and we had not have seen anything « private » of him in a long while?
    I actually had desired him from the very beginning of « our acquaintance » which is for nearly 2 years now, but yet the vehemence of my reactions to pictures of him really « exploded » and intensified somehow in the last months.
    Yeah, enjoying his gorgeousness sounds heavenly…

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