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To celebrate this week’s Guyday, I’ve made a gifset for Tumblr on one of the few scenes that moved me in Robin Hood series 3. Tumblr’s layout being specific,  here’s the one gif showing the moment that interests me.

Guy of Gisborne, afraid to die in Robin Hood E11S03.

Let’s be honest, Robin Hood series 3 has little interest besides Guy’s makeover (new outfit + sexy mane = mmmmm ….). I’ve already discussed here the only episode that I enjoyed in this season, episode 9 and the too short presence of Meg. For those whose memory is a little rusty, this scene takes place after the attempted release of Archer by Robin and Guy. A failed attempt « thanks to » Archer,  needless to say! Our three friends find themselves incurring a death penalty by hanging, their hands tied and sitting on horses. Obviously Guy is first on the list.

This scene makes me want to scream and cry. Let me explain. With the diversion organized by Archer’s mistress, Friar Tuck and Kate (…) rush to free Robin and Archer. Be it. But why not do the same for Guy ? Why is this a problem to free him at the same time ? What this means to me is that Guy is not considered as a member of the gang, he’s dispensable and worthless, a man one can lose without much consequence. It’s so unfair and gratuitous, for the purpose of having an archer duel between Robin and Archer (!). Especially with the mess surrounding them (the crowd movement, the panic and smoke), Guy is still on a horse, his hands tied and with a fucking rope around his neck. Let’s be grateful to the horse for being so calm or our Dark Knight would have met one of the most stupid death !

The expression on his face is heartbreaking. No trace of his usual haughtiness. I feel like I’m in front of a child, head and shoulders down in an attitude of submission, so far from Guy’s arrogance and pride. His shoulders are shaking, his mouth slightly opened shudders, his jaw hanging. He is miserable and pitiful, at everyone’s mercy, a position of weakness he’s not used to. What strikes me even more is the fact that, despite the desire to destroy himself he has shown since the beginning of the season, he’s scared. He is terrified to die. He doesn’t want to die, despite his despair, despite his guilt, despite everything, he does NOT want to die. That’s what moved me beyond words.

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30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge : Day 30

This is the end, my only friend, the end.

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30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge

Day 30. Your favourite picture.

It took me some time to complete this challenge. I couldn’t choose my favorite photo. Besides, I haven’t really chosen one because it’s a slide show, but hey, you get the idea.

Of course, I love my avatar, taken from the Project Mag photoshoot, or this one from the 2007 promo shoot. There are also quite a few other pictures that launch butterflies in my stomach every time I see them because Richard looks straight at the lens, and it’s almost as if he were looking straight at me.

But ultimately, I chose this(these) picture from the Robin Hood Academy. Why? First, he’s drop dead gorgeous  with his scruffy face. But it’s mainly because he’s very focused on what he’s doing, he’s completely oblivious to the camera. It shows his dedication to his work. The posture he has while using his bow  is beautiful, this line created by his arms, his muscles enhanced, his face so serious and absorbed in his work, and even his cheap clothes …. I love everything.


Jour 30. Votre photo préférée.

Il m’a fallu du temps pour terminer ce challenge. Je n’arrivais pas à choisir ma photo préféré. D’ailleurs, je n’ai pas vraiment choisi puisqu’il s’agit d’un diaporama, mais bon, vous comprenez l’idée.

Il y a bien sûr mon avatar que j’adore, tiré du photoshoot pour project mag, ou encore celle-ci du promo shoot de 2007. Il a aussi pas mal d’autres photos qui lancent des papillons dans mon ventre à chaque fois que je les vois parce que Richard regarde l’objectif, et c’est un peu comme si c’était moi qu’il regardait.

Mais au final, j’ai choisi cette (ces) photo de la Robin Hood Academy. Pourquoi ? Déjà, il est à tomber par terre avec sa barbe de 3 jours. Mais c’est surtout parce qu’il est très concentré sur ce qu’il fait, il ignore complètement a caméra. La posture qu’il a en tirant à l’arc est magnifique, cette ligne créée par ses bras, sa musculature mise en valeur, son visage si sérieux et absorbé par ce qu’il fait, et même ses vêtements pourris…. j’aime tout. 

30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge

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