Knock knock…

I’ve been lurking in the shadows for the past few days, wondering what I would say 🙂

Many things have changed in my life, maybe I’ll write about it in a way or another. But one thing did not : how I feel about Mr Armitage. Well I’m not a die hard fan, but was I ever one ? ^^

However, here I am. Is it possible to miss someone you’ve never met ? I’ve missed him, I’ve missed blogging, I’ve missed the RArmy. That’s what I’ve realized when I saw The Hobbit (amongst other things ^^)

3 months to catch up…. damn !

How I see The Hobbit poster | Comment je vois l’affiche du Hobbit

If like me you spend way too much time procrastinating on the internet, you may have seen one of the « what people think I do » meme. Here’s one example.

Si comme moi vous passez beaucoup de temps à procrastiner sur internet, vous avez sans doute déjà un de ces memes.


While everyone was swooning over Thorin, I couldn’t shake an image from my mind 🙂

How people see The Hobbit poster

Comment les gens voient l’affiche du Hobbit


How the Armitage Army see The Hobbit poster

Comment l’Armitage Army voit l’affiche du Hobbit


How I see The Hobbit poster Comment je vois l’affiche du Hobbit


How dessine-moi-un-mouton ( a fellow tumblerer ) see The Hobbit poster

Comment dessine-moi-un-mouton ( une compatriote de tumblr ) voit l’affiche du Hobbit


And you, how do you see it ? 🙂

Et vous, comment la voyez-vous ? 🙂

Hobbit Trailer #2!!!! And Gifs, ’cause that’s how I roll.

Hobbit Trailer #2!!!! And Gifs, ’cause that’s how I roll..

This is what made my day yesterday evening ! What beautiful gifs !

I’m getting really excited over this, and not only because of Richard. But I have to admit I had to rewatch the trailer several times because I couldn’t focus on anything but his voice. I know you felt it too, this electrifying feeling everytime you heard his voice, deep and lowered.

Can I have a pocket Armitage ? Isn’t he cute ? 😀


30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge : Day 29

Day 29. Your favorite personnal look : 2nd production video of the Hobbit

It wasn’t really difficult to choose one look since there isn’t that much to choose from. Richard is not a specialist of public appearances, he’s not the target of paparazzi – which is a good thing – but therefore we’re sorely lacking more “personnal” pictures. It’s certain that the clothes he wears for public events (interviews and ceremonies) aren’t his.

Why this one ? Leather jacket, beard, natural hair color, v neck t-shirt.

Ok, he’s a bit red in the face, but he’s smiling, he’s so normal looking, so natural, and seems so happy that I can’t resist him 🙂

Day 7. A scene of his which made you laugh.

I don’t have a scene in mind, rather an interview since I’ve rewatched a lot of his for this challenge. I’ve chosen the Hobbit press conference with this -now famous- quote” Me as a person ? Would you like  to be a little more specific ? I’ve got 40 years to talk about “, said with a huge grin and deep/sexy voice. 

Edit : a scene popped up into my mind, Harry Kennedy in The Vicar talking about kisses debts with Geraldine. It’s more the situation rather than him that makes me laugh, but I still love it ! You can watch it here 

Jour 7. Une scène où il vous a fait rire.

Je n’ai pas de scène en tête, plutôt une interview comme j’en ai beaucoup revu dernièrement à cause de ce challenge. J’ai choisi la conférence de presse de “The Hobbit” avec cette citation – désormais célèbre – ” Moi en tant que personne ? Pourriez vous être un peu plus spécifique ? J’ai 40 ans à vous détailler “, le tout dit avec un sourire énorme et voix grave et sexy.

Edit : Une scène me vient à l’esprit, Harry Kennedy dans The Vicar parlant des baisers que lui doit Géraldine. C’est davantage la situation plutôt que Harry qui me faire, mais je l’adore quand même !