Effects of Richard Armitage pictures on me 

Servetus’ blog was one of the firsts RA blog I came across when it all started. I love how much thoughts she puts in every posts, how much she pushes her readers to go further, each article is challenging and causes a questioning – even if I sometimes find it difficult to  push my argument so far in english than in french ^^. I chose to extract the last paragraph, one in which I find myself the most. You will find  this entire post on the link above.

And so, I grin. When I flip, first thing in the morning, to see what the Picture of the Day is — a vision into the things that fellow fans find beautiful, as well — a smile emerges on my face that stretches from ear to ear, that widens my eyes and makes me take a deep breath. I won’t claim that my fantasies are innocent; they most certainly are not, but when I look at these pictures I am gripped by a sensation of quotidian purity and intensity that is emphatically not prurient. It’s like suddenly the air just got a whole lot cleaner and butterflies start flying past at high speed as my eyes get wider and wider and I have the feeling that I’m going to discover what I need to know. Looking at pictures of Richard Armitage, as much as anything else in my life recently, makes me grin in a way that reminds me to believe in my own potential and legitimates a kind of attempt to understand pieces of the world that I’d mostly forgotten about.And if forget about the significance of the quest to understand I can always turn to a picture of Richard Armitage and be reminded of what it’s important — and grin.So yeah. Still grinning. Every morning. Every time I see his face.

Effects of Richard Armitage pictures on me

Il est vraiment brisé, il essaye même de se pendre. C’est bizarre, vous êtes dans le truc, complètement bouleversé, et soudain le metteur en scène annonce “Coupé!”. Et vous vous dites : ” mon Dieu, j’aurais effectivement pu sauter le pas. “

Vous savez ce que j’aime plus que tout ? Skier. J’aime cette fuite en avant, car j’ai une relation d’amour/haine avec le fait de garder le contrôle. Les bons moments, les meilleurs moments sont ceux où je perds le contrôle. 

Hey ma belle, je n’arrive pas à croire que j’ai du mettre mettre de l’eyeliner pour ce rôle.  alwaysalwaysalwaysthesea: i remember thinking “adam ant” the whole time i was watching robin hood. (photo via RichardArmitageNet) Guy is such an emo kid 😀

Day 7. A scene of his which made you laugh.

I don’t have a scene in mind, rather an interview since I’ve rewatched a lot of his for this challenge. I’ve chosen the Hobbit press conference with this -now famous- quote” Me as a person ? Would you like  to be a little more specific ? I’ve got 40 years to talk about “, said with a huge grin and deep/sexy voice. 

Edit : a scene popped up into my mind, Harry Kennedy in The Vicar talking about kisses debts with Geraldine. It’s more the situation rather than him that makes me laugh, but I still love it ! You can watch it here 

Jour 7. Une scène où il vous a fait rire.

Je n’ai pas de scène en tête, plutôt une interview comme j’en ai beaucoup revu dernièrement à cause de ce challenge. J’ai choisi la conférence de presse de “The Hobbit” avec cette citation – désormais célèbre – ” Moi en tant que personne ? Pourriez vous être un peu plus spécifique ? J’ai 40 ans à vous détailler “, le tout dit avec un sourire énorme et voix grave et sexy.

Edit : Une scène me vient à l’esprit, Harry Kennedy dans The Vicar parlant des baisers que lui doit Géraldine. C’est davantage la situation plutôt que Harry qui me faire, mais je l’adore quand même ! 

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30 Day Richard Armitage challenge Day 5. Your favorite photoshoot : The Red Magazine one (october 2007)  Aside Project Magazine (beard addict), it’s my favorite. In fact, the first picture I posted on Tumblr was from this photoshoot. It’s all about his face. I love everything about him in these shots.  Jour 5. Votre séance photo … Lire la suite


Me : Richard, we need to talk

Richard : I don’t like the sound of it… 

Me : It’s been on my mind for a while now. 

Richard : What ? 

Me : Your style. Sometimes, when I come across a picture of you, I’m a little-

Richard :

Me : I know it’s not your fault, you’ve admitted here  that you have no dress sense. I get it, it’s ok, happens to a lot of people, even good ones.

Richard :

Me : Even if you don’t become  the most stylish man in the world, you have to make, at least, some efforts. Let’s take the walk of shame. 

Me : Worst outfit ever. And don’t start me with this ridiculous pose of yours.

Richard : Well, the photographer was like “you’re flying, man, show me your sexy plane side”

Me : Yeah, I get it…. a plane, sexy, that makes sense. First, this wrinkled formless shirt, the too large collar, shiny material for the suit (risky even in 2003), wrong shoes, too wide jacket..

Richard : Ok, ok, I get it. Next !

Richard :

Me : Yeah, it hurts doesn’t it ? Where should I begin ..

Richard : You don’t have to-

Me : Sorry to tell you that, but you look fat. Once again, wrong cut, it doesn’t suit you, shiny material, and colors that don’t work well with your complexion. Next !

Richard : … (I’m not fat…)

Me : Can you tell me what’s wrong here ?

Richard : hum… wrong cut ? 

Me : Yes sweetie, right, although it’s not your worst suit, but it should have been more fitted. I’m also not convinced by the stripes, especially with this burgundy shirt that doesn’t flatter your complexion. Next !

Me : It’s not that bad, really, but it’s not that great either…

Richard :

Me : Are you sulking ?

Richard : … no-

Me : Alright then, because there are a few more to go !

Me : The suit looks good, right cut and…. I’m a bit distracted by… you know… your face and all those things around it..

Richard : My body ?

Me : Sort of… what was I saying ? Ah, the tie ! What’s with the tie ??!!

Richard : True men can wear pink ties I guess ? 

Me : Maybe, but not this one. The next shots aren’t as bad as the firsts ones, but they show the same problem. You have styling issues, obviously, but mainly you have suits issues. Always the wrong cut and too wide (especially when you’re skinny like in the first one)

Richard : I agree but David Tennant’s suit isn’t that great either, is it ?

Me : It’s the Doctor, you’re no match to him. He’s the Doctor, you know, with-

Richard : I get it, I get it ! So, please, are we done ?

Me : Yes sweetie, we are. I know I won’t turn you into some fancy styled actor, it’s not you, you’re just a 6’2” bloke right ?