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To celebrate this week’s Guyday, I’ve made a gifset for Tumblr on one of the few scenes that moved me in Robin Hood series 3. Tumblr’s layout being specific,  here’s the one gif showing the moment that interests me.

Guy of Gisborne, afraid to die in Robin Hood E11S03.

Let’s be honest, Robin Hood series 3 has little interest besides Guy’s makeover (new outfit + sexy mane = mmmmm ….). I’ve already discussed here the only episode that I enjoyed in this season, episode 9 and the too short presence of Meg. For those whose memory is a little rusty, this scene takes place after the attempted release of Archer by Robin and Guy. A failed attempt « thanks to » Archer,  needless to say! Our three friends find themselves incurring a death penalty by hanging, their hands tied and sitting on horses. Obviously Guy is first on the list.

This scene makes me want to scream and cry. Let me explain. With the diversion organized by Archer’s mistress, Friar Tuck and Kate (…) rush to free Robin and Archer. Be it. But why not do the same for Guy ? Why is this a problem to free him at the same time ? What this means to me is that Guy is not considered as a member of the gang, he’s dispensable and worthless, a man one can lose without much consequence. It’s so unfair and gratuitous, for the purpose of having an archer duel between Robin and Archer (!). Especially with the mess surrounding them (the crowd movement, the panic and smoke), Guy is still on a horse, his hands tied and with a fucking rope around his neck. Let’s be grateful to the horse for being so calm or our Dark Knight would have met one of the most stupid death !

The expression on his face is heartbreaking. No trace of his usual haughtiness. I feel like I’m in front of a child, head and shoulders down in an attitude of submission, so far from Guy’s arrogance and pride. His shoulders are shaking, his mouth slightly opened shudders, his jaw hanging. He is miserable and pitiful, at everyone’s mercy, a position of weakness he’s not used to. What strikes me even more is the fact that, despite the desire to destroy himself he has shown since the beginning of the season, he’s scared. He is terrified to die. He doesn’t want to die, despite his despair, despite his guilt, despite everything, he does NOT want to die. That’s what moved me beyond words.

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SDCC styling issues 2/2

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My first post has generated several reactions, some agreed with me, others did not, looks like we don’t all have the same fashion sensibility after all, which spices things up a bit 🙂 To return to some answers  I’ve made ​​in the comments, of course, negative criticism contained in part 1 were written with all the admiration I have for Richard. But a little tough love doesn’t hurt, it’s nice to remember that he’s a man like any other – with his styling issues 😀 – ! I understand that Richard has made efforts in the clothing department for the SDCC, and through Servetus I also learned that THE pair of jeans is Balmain’s biker, knowing that this haute couture house sells jeans for about  1500  € (!) Mr A has also made financial efforts. Luxury, rock, glamourous and trendy brand. Not really the words  I’d spontaneously associate with Richard, but why not ! But when with a quick Google search you realize that this pair of jeans is more easily worn by a  shrimp like Russell Brand, Zac Efron and Justin Bieber, they obviously do not have Richard’s build – and so much the better, I always prefer a man, a real one, rather than a boy – hence the fausse note. Now, on to the fun part.

Richard Armitage, being drop-dead gorgeous effortlessly at the airport.

These two pictures stir my inside. As stated in my interlude, they have an incredible effect on me, I feel that my mind is frozen, that my head is empty, unable to think. Add to this a beatific smile, this warmth in my chest and the characteristic tingling in the palms of my hands like every time I want someone… Suffice to say that I have a hard time staying focused. Let’s be brief, concise, effective! 🙂 First thing I really like in these pictures is that they were taken by fans (and/or autograph hunters but whatever). This suggests that Richard, between two planes, is dressed as he is in his everyday life . He didn’t choose his clothes for a special occasion or a public appearance, but as he would have to go grocery shopping. He’s comfortable and relaxed in his clothes and it’s showing. The impression I get looking at him is that after getting up he took the first t-shirt and jeans he had on hand to dress. He exudes a raw energy, an ease  that I love.

Here we go from head to toe. Is it me or does his hair appear shorter ? Cut or styled ? Whatever the answer, the result is much cleaner and flattering. His haircut seems more styled, like his beard although there’s always the neck area problem. His face looks thinner and therefore less puffy. I didn’t specify in part 1 that I much prefer Richard with his natural color. I associate his black hair to his characters, but when I think of him, it’s always with brown hair. This warms his complexion. Moreover, it shows how good to him is New Zealand with a slight tan that suits him very well! 🙂

I’ve read different opinions on his sunglasses, which made ​​me smile. Yes, they look my grandfather’s, but I personally love them. The shape and color, very vintage, suit the shape of his face, so for me it’s an enthusiastic yes. It’s almost surprising to see him wearing this model because I’d rather picture him with Ray Ban for example, a timeless safe bet, as many pieces of his wardrobe. He still can surprise me and it’s a good thing ! Around his neck we find the mysterious necklace that teases us even more, and the watch, still beautiful. In the accessory category, another object more risky : the backpack, more functional than fashionable and very practical when traveling. For some people, this kind of bag is linked to teenagers, as  an Eastpak autographed with your pals’s artwork – am I the only one to have had one ? ^ ^. The backpack making a comeback since spring, especially in a baroudeur style as it’s the case here.

The too tight sweater curse…

Now, let’s talk about the outfit in itself. A gray loose T-shirt with short sleeves and round neck . Why does it work? Because the shirt is not fitting. Beyond 40 years old, a man must avoid too tight T-shirt that might accentuate minor flaws (love handles, emerging potbelly, etc). Of course, Richard’s body is flawless, but even he is not flattered by a too tight T-shirt  ( see the picture above  with Mr A coiled too ). The choice of the neck could have easily gone the wrong path since he has a rather wide neck, but as it’s wider than a classic round neck, once again, it works. The shirt fine material also brings added value. Unfortunately the pictures I have on hand do not allow me to judge the cut of the jeans, but I like very much what I see in the left picture, with sexy thighs  (when I think we’ve seen Richard in shorts in the last vlog ….). The dark color with a washout that seems natural is a very good choice. In the end,  we have a casual look, with discreet trendy details. Who would have thought ? Casual, yes, unkempt, no :).

Apart from all stylistic considerations, what touches me in these photos is that Richard is exactly as he is in my fantasies and dreams. I don’t know about you, but when I see the picture on the right, I want to run my fingers along his right arm…

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Armitage study : kiss scene (part 2)

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After this interruption due to  my ramblings, back to what we’re interested in – or at least what interests me  – : Mr A’s kiss scenes.

The second scene to pass under my searching eye is  the first kiss between Maya and John Lucas. This is the real deal, we are far from the pious and chaste kiss exchanged between Guy and Meg ! Like in my first analysis, opinions developped here are mine, it’s the perception I have of the scene and not the ultimate and absolute truth of the latter. You might not share my point of view, and that’s great ! Feel free to comment, I love to discuss 😉

It’s always better when it’s moving !

What interests me above all is their body language and love parade before kissing, especially Maya’s, because it’s the only time I felt connected to this character. They’re standing at opposite ends of the room, him near the door, she near the bay window. She doesn’t remove her coat once she’s in, she doesn’t intend to stay. Not avoiding his gaze, Maya struggles to hold it, even when she tries to unravel his lies. Despite her desire to confront John, staring at him intensely, she always look away after a few seconds because she can’t stand it. I think she knows that at any moment she might succumb, somehow, she has already « lost » the battle by agreeing to come, and moreover at home (not a public place but an intimate one although impersonal in the case of a spy). Obviously, her arms are folded across her chest, a classic. But beyond the fact that Maya stands back and is shut, I think she’s mostly on the reserve, trying to protect herself from being hurt again. She wants to believe in John, to be convinced by what he says, otherwise she would not be there. If Maya keeps her distance and keeps her arms firmly crossed it’s because she’s also protecting herself from her own weaknesses. I see  her behaviour as way to give herself courage and above all to avoid any temptation :  stay away from John, do not touch him, do not look at him for too long, as if  his proximity was intoxicating and therefore irresistible ;). There’s probably an element of pride in her attitude as well, wounded pride by the lies of the man she loved.

As for John (you can’t imagine how hard it is for me to write John instead of  Lucas …..), he doesn’t move. He’s wrong, so he lets her come to him, the choice is not his, it’s hers. He’s not in control of the situation, he hopes for reconciliation but in disbelief. From the moment Maya starts to « weaken », she gets closer to him. Very close indeed, closer than in a casual conversation, with only a few inches between them. She still keeps her arms crossed though, still protecting herself both from him and herself. While Maya’s gaze continues to shift from John’s, he never stops staring at her. At no time until he closes his eyes when he kisses her. If I remember correctly, the only times he avoids her eyes are when he lies shamelessly. The opposite of what we saw between Guy and Meg. John wants Maya, he loves her, devouring her with his overwhelming gaze. Because he doesn’t want to seem threatening, he stands slightly hunched, he is vulnerable, at the mercy of the woman he loves, and especially of her decision. Despite their different heights, their eyes are almost at the same level.

Close your eyes and you’ll remember. Close your eyes.

When she completely stops to look at him , her eyes downcast, he leans gently towards her, seeking her gaze, trying to convince her to trust him. I think he feels he has an opening, that she’s about to yield. Thus, his words are softer, he talks to her in an intimate whisper barely audible. Every time I hear him utter those words, I shudder. If John asks Maya to close her eyes, beyond the simple fact to remember, above all he asks her to trust him. To close one’s eyes  is putting  oneself in a weak position, it’s being at somebody’s mercy, it’s offering oneself to someone. And she agrees. Not without a last attempt to fend him off. From the moment her eyelids are closed, she recoiled, her body doesn’t move but she puts her head as far as possible from his.

Although he somehow « won », John keeps his distance. He’s hesitant. I have long believed that it was he who approached her, but while rewatching  the scene several times – what torture ! – I realized that it wasn’t the case. Yes, it’s he who makes the first step, it’s he who kisses her. But Maya has an ambiguous attitude. Indeed, she initially recoiled when she closes her eyes. But after John has got slightly nearer to her, she moves her face to meet his, stopping just a few inches from him. It’s clearly shown on the screenshots below. When you’re this close to someone, you feel it. You feel the warmth of her/his body next to yours, you feel his/her breath against your face, you’re acutely aware of this proximity. Maya knew this would happen, she tried to resist, but she yielded. But she’s not active, she lets John chooses for her by a tacit agreement, too torn between her conflicted feelings.

Maya, not as passive as I thought she was

Again I stress the importance of  John’s gaze during this scene. Even when Maya closes her eyes, he’s constantly staring at her, fixing her eyelids. When she moves towards him, his gaze drifts to her lips, the universal code for a) I badly want to kiss you or b) you have a piece of lettuce stuck between your teeth. I vote for the first proposition in this case ! And while the tip of his nose gently caresses hers, he looks at her one last time before closing his eyes, overwhelmed by his feelings.

What I especially like  in this kiss is that it’s in two stages. The first act is extremely soft and slow while in restraint, their lips  barely moving. John kisses Maya, not vice versa. It’s a kiss of two former lovers who rediscover each other, getting to know each other once again. Then sensuality takes over the kiss. Lust kicks in, they need  to be closest to the loved one, to merge,  to feel at one. John straightens up gradually in the first act, gaining confidence, dominating Maya and pressing his face against hers. The second act is passionate, fiery and sensual. Maya gets really active in their kiss, taking his head in her hands, clinging to him, disappearing into their embrace.

If I weren’t a hopeless romantic, that kiss would probably be my all time favourite because it’s the one in which I find myself the most. I love the fact that there’s this tension throughout the scene, a tension which is released only when they kiss (at last) before being replaced by another type of tension. I like this build-up, slow but inexorable, that fumbling and  shy hesitation  that turns into a turmoil of senses. I was this girl in a complicated relationship, loving as much as hating this man, refusing to yield because of my wounded pride, but who can’t resist him, swept by a sense of physical communion as well as a communion of mind. I’ve been kissed like that and I kissed like that. I was this girl behind a complicated relationship, loving a man and hating myself for what he was going through because of me, desperate to get him back but keeping him at bay to protect him, wanting him more than anything and overwhelmed by this single connection. When I see John and Maya kissing, I find myself in one AND the other. That’s why this kiss has such a distinctive place in my heart.

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An Armitage kissing scene study (part 1)

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I’m back from my long weekend in London, I’ll probably share some details of my trip here in a next post 🙂

I finally found the time to stay in front of my pc more than 5 minutes to discuss a subject I’ve been willing to study since last week : Richard’s kissing scenes. Or more precisely, my favorite Armitage kissing scenes. The opinions and assumptions I’ll make in these posts are my own. I develop my personal opinion on these scenes, and how I perceive them, therefore I can understand that some people may have different views from mine, which I find also very interesting !

I will try to restrict myself to the kisses in themselves and not ramble on the whole scene, even if it may be difficult in some cases ^^

The first to be dissected is my number 3, the kiss exchanged between Guy and Meg in series 3 episode 9. Let’s be honest, the only interest of this season was Guy’s change of look and said episode (to this day I still haven’t seen the two episodes in which he’s not). The relationship that develops between Guy and Meg, and the evolution of these two characters feels right for once. I won’t talk about the fact that Meg had to die because Guy couldn’t be happy after killing Marian. Because of this act, he was condemned to die, not without suffering (again), as if his redemption could only be achieved  through death. You see? I’ve already deviated from my main subject !

As usual, spot the differences 😉

Back to the kiss. One thing that makes me particularly appreciate Meg as a character is that she brings out the good in Guy and it’s shown in his  behavior with her. When he strokes her hair, he shows tenderness and sweetness, hushing her in a whisper. He knows her wound is mortal since he examined it a few seconds before, yet his face is serene, open, his muscles relaxed. Guy doesn’t dare to touch her, he brushes her face and hair more than he caresses it, probably afraid of hurting her. His expression changes imperceptibly when he looks into her eyes, as if by confronting her gaze, he is troubled. Everything is in the detail: his eyes opening wider, his eyebrows arching up and his forehead slightly tensed, but it’s enough to make us understand his sorrow.

Change of point of view, this time the camera is on Meg. In a man, the first thing I look at aside his eyes is his hands, and Richard has beautiful hands. I particularly love Guy’s light and very gentle touch  while stroking her hair. I liken this action to that of a parent trying to reassure and soothe a child who had a nightmare. For me, the relationship Meg/Guy is closer to  a parent/child or big brother/little sister one than lovers, especially in this scene. There is something very pure and sexless in the way he behaves with her. Indeed, he makes a slight negative nod  followed by a slight smile just before Meg whispers “please”, as if he already knew what she was going to ask and refusing on principle. I think Guy sees her as a pure and fragile little thing he has to protect, not something/someone he wants to possess, unlike Marian.

Guy, making his decision.

Once Meg made her plea, the camera returns to Guy. As usual,  Richard expresses Guy’s decision in the details. The latter watches Meg for a while, apparently hesitant, jaw relaxed and mouth slightly open. As soon as he makes his decision, he lowers his eyes, his jaw contracts closing his mouth. It’s one thing I admire about Richard, his ability to convey to the viewer in a microsecond with a small change of expression the emotions of his character. He smiles and leans slowly toward her. Something strucks me, especially compared to the two other  kisses I’m going to study. It’s the fact that he never looks directly at her. From the moment Guy agrees to comply with her request until the end of the kiss, he looks at her mouth, her face, but not her eyes. Guy looks at her eyes only when he’s not involved physically with her in a romantic way.  To me this confirms once again that he doesn’t perceive her as a lover, his relationship with Meg is not a physical relationship. He kisses her because she wants him to and because she’s dying,  he can’t and won’t deny her her last will. He doesn’t desire her, not like John wants Margaret – gazing at her earnestly  for example (and you all see what I mean 😉 ) By the way, Guy is well known for his heavy glances and his smoulders.  One might think that the fact that he doesn’t look at Meg intensely right before kissing her is due to the character’s evolution but I don’t think so.

Guy approaching his prey…

And finally, the kiss! Indeed, it’s far more complicated than I thought to restrict myself to the kisses stricto sensu. The preliminaries are as important, if not more important than the kiss itself. The latter is extremely soft, it’s also more a peck than a real kiss. Guy’s lips brush against Meg’s, pressure almost nonexistent, their lips barely moving. For once, Richard doesn’t crush his nose against his partner’s face 🙂 ! A chaste kiss in short.

THE kiss

Why this kiss is one of my three favorite ? Because it shows us a side of Guy’s personality, if not nonexistent,  at least extremely rare. He’s caring, tender, sweet, considerate and mostly unselfish. He puts Meg’s needs and desires before his own. While in series 1, Guy is desperate to get Marian’s favors, for the simple purpose of possessing her, as he’d possess a horse, in this episode, he’s doing anything for Meg by pure altruism. For once, he is the good guy. And this evolution is not even forced on us. It’s the logical continuation of the character’s evolution which, for once,  doesn’t regress to his original state two episodes later. If we put aside Meg’s tragic death, this scene is totally adorable and cute.

Next one, Maya and Lucas/John’s kiss …. I can’t wait ! 🙂

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A Lucas North study, part 2

Edit : Comme toujours, la version française de cet article se trouve sous « lire la suite »  😉

A Lucas North study part 1

It took me much longer than expected to complete the study of Lucas North. Easter, my 12 hour journey to visit my family and my mother’s lack of internet connection have probably something to do with it 🙂

Lucas is where we left him off, contemplating his imminent death. During the writing of this post,  Servetus’ article came to my mind several times. This scene is a perfect example of the importance of the jaw in acting. Once again, the use of a wide angle shot highlights Lucas’ plight. This man, alone in the middle of that empty ramshackled cell. I feel that all that space, all empty, is about to crush, grind him. Instead of giving a sense of space, this reinforces the smallness of the room.

Study of barefoot Richard Armitage

I wish to comment on his outfit. I will not dwell on his chest, bare for the sake of Richard’s female fans, let’s be realistic :). As I noted before, he’s barefoot. It’s common to many religions to remove one’s shoes before entering a sacred place. Being barefoot is highly charged with symbolism. This expresses in fact the full nudity of the human being, in its dependence to its creator. Thus, exposing Lucas’ foot gives a form of vulnerability and humility, this is the ultimate physical and mental bareness. More than being naked, being barefoot is a form of nudity even more intimate and absolute.

Lucas North, contemplating his doom

The camera zooms on Lucas. His body language remains the same : arched back , shoulders down, relaxed and drooping jaw, mouth slightly opened, breathing deeply and rapidly. He hesitates again, I’m sure in his mind, he still doesn’t know if he will be able to take the plunge. But suddenly, he makes his choice. The timing is extremely fleeting and I had to try several times to successfully capture it. Just before the shot changes and we see  Lucas pass the sheet around his neck, the camera zooms in on him slightly. Do you see this tiny but crucial difference in his expression? His mouth is closed, his jaw tightened. His decision is  made precisely at this moment. He’s going to do it. He really will. Even now, I have a hard time looking at this picture without shuddering. Everything can be read over his face.

Let’s play a game of spot the differences 🙂

It’s starting to get really difficult now. But I said I would end this article today and I will 🙂

Lucas North hand porn 🙂

So, after past-Lucas passed the sheet around his neck, we’re back to present-Lucas. He covers his lower face twice -we’re getting more and more familiar with this gesture now-. He expresses his distress and discomfort, I would almost say his inability to manage this situation. Covering his mouth is a very closed gesture, physically expressing his malaise without voicing it. He goes round in circles, like a caged lion, his breathing still noisy. Once again, his mental suffering is reflected physically. He’s so troubled that he can’t stay still, he needs to move, walk, trying literally to escape his memories.

And then Lucas stops, as if he’s conjured enough courage to face his demons. He raises his head, staring at the ceiling, and exhaling deeply. It refocuses and calms him, he closes his mouth, contracting his jaw, as if he said « it will hurt but I can do it, I can do it. » Here’s another parallel with his decision-making discussed above. Once his mind set, he’s almost calm, resigned, the calm before the storm.

Back to past-Lucas. He’s about to lose balance. His face contracted, closed and fully open at the same time, letting his despair show. The entire area around his eye is tensed, and so does his forehead, showing that vein that we see so often. Again, the change of expression is very transient, but a still frame captures exactly when Oleg enters the room and locks him in his arms. Lucas’ face suddenly relaxes, his jaw slackens, leaving his mouth open wide ,and he closes his eyes, the whole upper part of his face relaxed. He’s relieved. He’s relieved that someone came in and saved him. You don’t even need to know what’s happening, you can mute the sound, just look at Lucas and it says it all.

Let’s finish quickly with the last  two shots of the scene. Oleg is what he is, but in his way of helping Lucas to sit, and touching him, he shows concern for him. There’s something very intimate in the way he touches him, head against head, one hand on his neck, the other on his ribs then on his thigh. It’s a very intimate contact, especially for men. Which shows how much they’ve developed a special relationship.

Lucas North and his clenched fists

Back to present-Lucas for the last time.  Everything is in the detail. Head tilted back, he sniffs because he’s close to tears. But he’s a man, he can’t be fragile. He takes to himself, clenching his fists.

This completes myLucas North study, for now at least. Now I have a normal life to resume, away from Russian prisons 😉

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