Fault and Blog Anniversary

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« Happy Anniversary! »

Wait …. what?? It’s already been a year ? Looks like it has.

But has it really been a year when one has spent almost half that time literally disconnected from the RArmy? I like to think quality over quantity, and I hope that you, dear readers who have followed me during this year, have  enjoyed my dashed contributions.

You may have notice a small change on the blog too …. yes, the header! Bye bye Lucas and hello Richard !


Which  brings me to the topic I’d like to discuss in this post. Or more precisely the picture I so wanted to write about.

This photoshoot published in « Fault » magazine  is already old news for everyone. But for me, trying to catch up with everything and everyone, I have a fantastic amount of information to dissect. And in this case, enjoy. I think I first saw this picture on Me+Richard Armitage. And I’m looking at it while writing these words, which doesn’t really help me to keep my train of thoughts :-).

I absolutely love this photoshoot. This is probably my favorite of all post Hobbit ones. And yet I do not like the pictures – except one. Why? Simply because of the pictures post-processing. This is an aesthetic choice, yes, but it doesn’t correspond at all to what I, as a person, appreciate. Too much editing and too many effects have been applied on these pictures, which mostly ruined them and prevents me from enjoying them. A pity.

A perfect exemple of my issues with Fault's photoshoot

A perfect example of my issues with Fault’s photoshoot

This one for example. There are all the elements needed to make it one of my favorites : profile porn, nose, jaw line, neck, the delicacy of his ear, his hand, his pensive air accentuated by a slight shrug of brow wrinkling his forehead and, of course, sexy stubbles. I could love this image, I should love it. But I don’t. Why ? Because of massive edits distorting it. What a shame.

Ultimately, what I love about this photoshoot aren’t the pictures but rather the short video showing the making of it. I love the photographer’s bias. I like that it’s a fashion shooting, thoughtful and prepared, even if it’s rather casual. I love the relevant choices made ​​ by the stylist, these outfits reflecting a casual but chic style in which I imagine Richard perfectly. It’s fashion, it’s sharp and simple, with quality materials and good cuts.

When I look at this video, I see the man that I admire. I see his strength, concentration, professionalism, and of course beauty. I don’t see Richard, but Richard Armitage, public persona, and for once it doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing a role or if he’s not necessarily comfortable with posing, if it’s not « him. » Because watching the actor being a fashion animal isn’t only easy on the eye ;-).


I can’t forget how I felt the first time I saw this picture. Like a punch in the stomach, cutting my breath. The strength and power that emanate from him is incredible. It gives me a sense of stability, he reassures me even if he gaves me the impression to judge me. I see him as the man who, seeing me stumble would not help me to get up because it’s for me to learn on my own, but that would always be there to support me, a pillar in his way. Tough love, I’d say, one that can make you grow up. If my situation was different, would I have reacted in the same way ? I don’ know. But what I see, what I feel is the sensation of being pushed forward. Richard is a countless number of things for his fans : he stimulates our creativity, he’s a distraction and an escape, he helps some of us to get up in the morning, he makes us want to go further and to surpass ourselves. And more than anything, he makes us dream.

Thank you Richard Armitage for making me dream (for a year and more ^^)

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Oh dear bearded beauty…

I know these pictures are old news but I can’t get over them. Not yet.

I’ve said here how much I love his outfit, but this time it’s not about fashion.

I don’t want to be brainy, to analyze and dissect why I love these pictures so much. It’s not important. What is, however, and what fascinates me is how much he appeals to me. Every time I look at them, it stirs my insides, provoking such a strong gut reaction.

I didn’t used to desire him, at least not until recently, but when I see a picture like the one above, I must admit I want him really bad 🙂 I just want to be shallow and enjoy his gorgeousness.

What about you ? Do you have a picture that always do the trick for you ? Launching butterflies in you stomach every time you lay eyes on him ?

All I want to write about is this lovely fan encounter with Richard we’ve all heard about 🙂 And especially about his looks, about his outfit, because I can’t help it (grey t-shirt + jeans +boots = drop dead FrenchAA). This picture has already been posted on Tumblr, I’ve reblogged it without knowing if I had any right to do so (I’m sorry if I’ve invaded anyone’s privacy) but I won’t post it here until further notice. Which explains why I’m frustrated. I can’t speak of his clothes without showing you a picture, right ?

So here I am, grinning, genuinely happy for this lucky fan with a really understandy hubby, dazed by how young and thin Richard looks in these pictures.


Tout ce sur quoi j’ai envie d’écrire est cette merveilleuse rencontre entre Richard et une fan dont nous avons toutes (et tous) entendu parlé. Et en particulier sur son apparence physique, sur sa tenue, parce que c’est mon truc (un tee-shirt gris + un jean+ des boots = une FrenchAA raide morte ^^) Cette photo a déjà été postée sur Tumblr, je l’ai rebloggé sans savoir si j’avais le droit de le faire (je m’excuse si outrepassé les limites de la sphère privée de qui que ce soit), mais je ne la posterai pas ici avant d’avoir plus d’informations. Ce qui explique pourquoi je suis frustrée. Je ne peux pas parler de ses vêtements sans vous montrer un photo, n’est-ce pas ?

Me voici donc, souriant comme une idiote, sincèrement heureuse pour cette fan chanceuse dont le mari est très compréhensif, hallucinée par l’apparence juvénile et la minceur de Richard sur ces photos. 

SDCC styling issues 2/2

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My first post has generated several reactions, some agreed with me, others did not, looks like we don’t all have the same fashion sensibility after all, which spices things up a bit 🙂 To return to some answers  I’ve made ​​in the comments, of course, negative criticism contained in part 1 were written with all the admiration I have for Richard. But a little tough love doesn’t hurt, it’s nice to remember that he’s a man like any other – with his styling issues 😀 – ! I understand that Richard has made efforts in the clothing department for the SDCC, and through Servetus I also learned that THE pair of jeans is Balmain’s biker, knowing that this haute couture house sells jeans for about  1500  € (!) Mr A has also made financial efforts. Luxury, rock, glamourous and trendy brand. Not really the words  I’d spontaneously associate with Richard, but why not ! But when with a quick Google search you realize that this pair of jeans is more easily worn by a  shrimp like Russell Brand, Zac Efron and Justin Bieber, they obviously do not have Richard’s build – and so much the better, I always prefer a man, a real one, rather than a boy – hence the fausse note. Now, on to the fun part.

Richard Armitage, being drop-dead gorgeous effortlessly at the airport.

These two pictures stir my inside. As stated in my interlude, they have an incredible effect on me, I feel that my mind is frozen, that my head is empty, unable to think. Add to this a beatific smile, this warmth in my chest and the characteristic tingling in the palms of my hands like every time I want someone… Suffice to say that I have a hard time staying focused. Let’s be brief, concise, effective! 🙂 First thing I really like in these pictures is that they were taken by fans (and/or autograph hunters but whatever). This suggests that Richard, between two planes, is dressed as he is in his everyday life . He didn’t choose his clothes for a special occasion or a public appearance, but as he would have to go grocery shopping. He’s comfortable and relaxed in his clothes and it’s showing. The impression I get looking at him is that after getting up he took the first t-shirt and jeans he had on hand to dress. He exudes a raw energy, an ease  that I love.

Here we go from head to toe. Is it me or does his hair appear shorter ? Cut or styled ? Whatever the answer, the result is much cleaner and flattering. His haircut seems more styled, like his beard although there’s always the neck area problem. His face looks thinner and therefore less puffy. I didn’t specify in part 1 that I much prefer Richard with his natural color. I associate his black hair to his characters, but when I think of him, it’s always with brown hair. This warms his complexion. Moreover, it shows how good to him is New Zealand with a slight tan that suits him very well! 🙂

I’ve read different opinions on his sunglasses, which made ​​me smile. Yes, they look my grandfather’s, but I personally love them. The shape and color, very vintage, suit the shape of his face, so for me it’s an enthusiastic yes. It’s almost surprising to see him wearing this model because I’d rather picture him with Ray Ban for example, a timeless safe bet, as many pieces of his wardrobe. He still can surprise me and it’s a good thing ! Around his neck we find the mysterious necklace that teases us even more, and the watch, still beautiful. In the accessory category, another object more risky : the backpack, more functional than fashionable and very practical when traveling. For some people, this kind of bag is linked to teenagers, as  an Eastpak autographed with your pals’s artwork – am I the only one to have had one ? ^ ^. The backpack making a comeback since spring, especially in a baroudeur style as it’s the case here.

The too tight sweater curse…

Now, let’s talk about the outfit in itself. A gray loose T-shirt with short sleeves and round neck . Why does it work? Because the shirt is not fitting. Beyond 40 years old, a man must avoid too tight T-shirt that might accentuate minor flaws (love handles, emerging potbelly, etc). Of course, Richard’s body is flawless, but even he is not flattered by a too tight T-shirt  ( see the picture above  with Mr A coiled too ). The choice of the neck could have easily gone the wrong path since he has a rather wide neck, but as it’s wider than a classic round neck, once again, it works. The shirt fine material also brings added value. Unfortunately the pictures I have on hand do not allow me to judge the cut of the jeans, but I like very much what I see in the left picture, with sexy thighs  (when I think we’ve seen Richard in shorts in the last vlog ….). The dark color with a washout that seems natural is a very good choice. In the end,  we have a casual look, with discreet trendy details. Who would have thought ? Casual, yes, unkempt, no :).

Apart from all stylistic considerations, what touches me in these photos is that Richard is exactly as he is in my fantasies and dreams. I don’t know about you, but when I see the picture on the right, I want to run my fingers along his right arm…

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Apparently, I don’t seem to be able to proceed correctly the second part of my post because I’m way too distracted  by the pictures I’m supposed to write about. I find myself ogling in front of my screen, it’s insane 🙂 What are you doing do to me Richard ? I hope I’ll be able to articulate myself by tomorrow night.

In the meantime, here are two gifs I’ve made from Spooks series 8 episode 8. I needed to indulge myself with some Lucas tonight 🙂

SDCC styling issues 1/2

Retrouvez cet article en français sous « lire la suite » 😉

What better way to resume blogging than a styling lesson with Mr A ? I’ve already expressed my dismay to Richard’s questionable choice  in clothes – although, if I’m really honest, the credit goes to misguided stylists unfamiliar with a lad of his stature rather than him . After a rather chaotic fashion journey – some « gems » can be found here in a conversation with the object of our affection – Richard has made ​​notable progress, especially through raiding Lucas North’s wardrobe. It was worth it, him playing in Spooks, just for that! I can’t thank Spooks’s stylist enough  for being able to instil some common sense in Mr A’s wardrobe and style. The last two photoshoots in which he participated also confirmed this change, the peak being the one for Project Magazine. Thus it is possible to dress this man without making him look ridiculous. Simple and structured cuts, tailored clothing in the good size, neutral colors, a classic style reinterpreted. Frankly, was it that hard?

From this…. to THIS.

Now let’s start with what interests me in this case: his style at the San Diego Comic Con in July. With the reappearance of Richard in public besides Peter Jackson’s vlogs (and therefore Thorin’s costume ), we could appreciate his fashion sense, or at least its evolution. Because yes, there is no doubt that, for public appearances like these, rather casual, he wears his own clothes without having received specific advice, let’s face it 🙂

Having experienced the SDCC flood live on tumblr like a 13 years old hysterical lassie (I think I could have screamed  like a Justin Bieber fan at every emergence of a new photo/video of our bearded god in that blessed day), I still retained a critical sense regarding  Richard’s stylistic choice. Now that the frenzy is – just – settled, I think I’m able to articulate my thoughts. I want to say that despite the criticism I will make, if  Mr A were to stand before me in a giant banana costume I’d always find him incredibly attractive, all negative remarks on my part do not question his degree of attraction but rather the packaging. And whether he likes it or not, whether we like it or not, he’s in the big league now and he will have to play the game by the rules.

Two outfits. Two different occasions during the weekend. Do and don’t.

Don’t versus Do.

The outfit  itself is not « wrong » but a set of details give the impression of the most unpleasant carelessness  (yes, I know, a promo marathon, jetlag, he is tired, etc. but … whatever) I’ll proceed from head to toe. First, his hair is not styled, his beard is not trimmed nor styled because yes, a beard, like hair, must be styled, especially when it’s so long. Another detail, a sexy lumberjack beard, I vote for, but not to a « fallow » look. In addition to the trimming, it’s necessary to shave the hair from the Adam’s apple and bellow  (if not to the jaw ….). A man yes,  but not a bear.

First positive thing I meet, the necklace barely visible and playing with our nerves. I’m sure I’m not the only one to wonder what it is 🙂 I only have one desire, move my hand around his neck to discover this treasure. Anyway …

You do not wear a shirt over a t-shirt, whatever the shirt, whatever the t-shirt, especially when you’ll soon be 41 years old. The shirt itself is not bad although not really suited to his body, dark, simple, a cowboy style – press buttons and pockets worked on the chest – modernized by the color and material. But it’s how he wears it which is wrong. Yet it started well with the sleeves rolled up, showing his muscular forearms and especially his very nice watch … He shouldn’t have worn a t-shirt underneath, even if  v necks  suits him very well, leaving only a button open, and especially back in his pants. Personally I’m not a  « put your shirt into your pants » maniac like my grandmother, but in a case like Richard’s with a body like his, there’s no alternative (or maybe half in half out, but not entirely out). His figure would have been more pronounced and the cut would have seemed more fitting. In the end, while watching his upper body,  I have an unkempt  (the flabby  neck and the too opened shirt ….) and bloated feeling, which is ridiculous when we know how muscular he got for Thorin !

A few words  on the watch. I love men’s watch. If there’s one thing I like to steal from men in my life, it’s their watch –  and perfume. This one is the quintessence of what I like. A black leather strap, a steel dial, simple, practical and resistant. Nothing too flashy. An excellent choice.

And now, the cherry over the cake, or should I say the essence of what doesn’t work in this outfit : the jeans. At first glance, nothing too serious, faded black jeans, rather fitting. But when I focus a little more on the beast, I start to become disillusioned. Primary concern in terms of color: while wearing shades of black seems a good solution not too risky, it is a mistake. Black T-shirt + black shirt + black jeans + black shoes, this is a definite no. You only have to look at  Serkis for a more unfortunate result. A black shirt with blue jeans, I say yes, black jeans with white/blue/pink/green/etc shirt  I also say yes, but not a total black look. I don’t ask Mr A to be in tune with the eccentricities of his colleagues (Sir Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman have shown a very personal taste and color in their outfits :)), but a little color would have made his outfit more exciting.

From left to right : bootcut, straight (or normal fit) and semi slim

Now the core of the problem, the jeans itself. I don’t think I, as an individual, hold the ultimate knowledge regarding the choice of jeans. Simply, my job, my real job is visual merchandiser for a major brand of ready-to-wear. I spend my days dressing mannequins and offer customers coherent outfits  so I think have an eye not too bad in terms of fashion. Richard has a particular body  with long legs and muscular thighs that are not easily enhanced by most cuts of jeans. So what cut for Mr A? Three choices available for him: straight jeans (with the ultimate example of Levi’s 501) which is a classic and whose cut is perfect for men with large/muscular thighs or bootcut jeans (regularly worn by Lucas North) which only works on long legs. We still lack a solution, my favorite :). The bootcut and straight jeans are classics that do not pervert Richard’s figure. What he needs is a cut that emphasizes his long legs and his adorable « peaches ». And the holy grail is the semi-slim: the jeans are slightly narrower on the thighs and ankle. Better than a straight cut and wider than a slim, the semi slim is the perfect compromise: thighs are adjusted which refines them and buttocks are emphasized without being molded. Which brings us back to the jeans worn by Mr A at SDCC, a slim, THE cut too tight that disproportionate legs (this type of jean suits only one man out of 10). This unflattering effect is reinforced by decorative stitching and reinforcements added to the thighs and knees that break the leg. Moreover, the washout is too artificial thus enlarging his  legs.

From a purely external eye, Richard looks like a 40 year old man who lets himself go a bit in that outfit. Straw!

As always, I write too much, so see you tomorrow for the good outfit 😉

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Styling issues

This was one of my first post about Richard on Tumblr. And I still love it 😀

Me : Richard, we need to talk.

Moi : Richard, il faut qu’on parle.

Richard : I don’t like the sound of it…

Richard : Cela ne me dit rien qui vaille…

Me : It’s been on my mind for a while now.

Me : Cela fait un moment que cela me travaille.

Richard : What ?

Richard : Quoi ?

Me : Your style. Sometimes, when I come across a picture of you, I’m a little-

Moi : Ton style. Parfois, quand je tombe sur une photo de toi,  je suis un peu …

Richard : …

Me : I know it’s not your fault, you’ve admitted here  that you have no dress sense. I get it, it’s ok, happens to a lot of people, even good ones.

Moi : Je sais que ce n’est pas de ta faute, tu as admis ici que tu ne connais rien à la mode. Je comprends, ce n’est pas grave, ça arrive à beaucoup de monde, même des gens bien.

Richard : …

Me : Even if you don’t become  the most stylish man in the world, you have to make, at least, some efforts. Let’s take the walk of shame.

Moi : Même si tu ne deviens pas l’homme le plus stylé du monde, tu dois faire au moins quelques efforts. Commençons donc cette galerie de la honte.

Me : Worst outfit ever. And don’t start me with this ridiculous pose of yours.

Me : La pire de tes tenues. Vraiment. Et ne me lance pas sur cette pose ridicule que tu fais.

Richard : Well, the photographer was like “you’re flying, man, show me your sexy plane side”

Richard : Eh bien, le photographe ne cessait de me dire  » tu voles, mec, montre moi ta facette d’avion sexy »

Me : Yeah, I get it…. a plane, sexy, that makes sense. First, this wrinkled formless shirt, the too large collar, shiny material for the suit (risky even in 2003), wrong shoes, too wide jacket..

Moi : Ouais, je vois le genre… un avion, sexy, ça se comprend. Pour commencer, la chemise froissée et sans forme, le col trop large, la matière brillante du costume ( choix hasardeux même en 2003), mauvaises chaussure, la veste trop large…

Richard : Ok, ok, I get it. Next !

Richard : Ok, ok, c’est bon. Suivant !

Richard : …

Me : Yeah, it hurts doesn’t it ? Where should I begin ..

Moi : Ca pique les yeux hein ? Par où dois-je commencer…

Richard : You don’t have to-

Richard : Tu n’es pas obligée de ..

Me : Sorry to tell you that, but you look fat. Once again, wrong cut, it doesn’t suit you, shiny material (when will you stop ?), and colors that don’t work well with your complexion. Next !

Moi : Désolée de te dire cela mais tu as l’air gros. Une fois de plus, la coupe est mauvaise, elle ne te met pas en valeur, encore une fois une matière brillante, et des couleurs qui ne complimentent pas du tout ton teint. Suivante !

Richard : … (I’m not fat…)

Richard : … ( Je ne suis pas gros…)

Me : Can you tell me what’s wrong here ?

Moi : Peux-tu me dire ce qui ne va pas dans cette photo ?

Richard : hum… wrong cut ?

Richard : euh… mauvaise coupe ?

Me : Yes sweetie, right, although it’s not your worst suit, but it should have been more fitted. I’m also not convinced by the stripes, especially with this burgundy shirt that doesn’t flatter your complexion. Next !

Moi : Oui mon chou, c’est juste, même si ce n’est pas ton pire costume, mais il aurait du être plus ajusté. Je ne suis pas convaincue non plus par les rayures, surtout avec cette chemise bordeaux qui ne flatte pas ton teint. Suivant !

Me : It’s not that bad, really, but it’s not that great either…

Moi : Ce n’est pas catastrophique, mais ce n’est pas cela non plus…

Richard : …

Me : Are you sulking ?

Moi ; Est-ce que tu boudes ?

Richard : … no-

Me : Alright then, because there are a few more to go !

Moi : Tant mieux parce qu’il en reste encore plusieurs !

Me : The suit looks good, right cut and…. I’m a bit distracted by… you know… your face and all those things around it..

Moi : Le costume a l’air pas mal, la coup est bonne et … je suis un peu distraite par…. tu sais… ton visage et tout ce qu’il y a autour…

Richard : My body ?

Richard : Mon corps ?

Me : Sort of… what was I saying ? Ah, the tie ! What’s with the tie ??!!

Moi : En quelque sorte… qu’est ce que je disais déjà ? Ah oui, la cravate ! C’est quoi cette cravate ??!!

Richard : True men can wear pink ties I guess ?

Richard : Les vrais hommes peuvent porter des cravates roses j’imagine ?

Me : Maybe, but not this one. The next shots aren’t as bad as the firsts ones, but they show the same problem. You have styling issues, obviously, but mainly you have suits issues. Always the wrong cut and too wide (especially when you’re skinny like in the first one)

Moi : Peut-être mais pas celle-ci. Les photos suivantes ne sont pas aussi catastrophiques que les premières, mais on y retrouve le même problème. Tu as un problème de style, c’est évident, mais tu as surtout un problème au niveau du choix de tes costumes. Toujours la mauvaise et souvent trop grand, surtout quand tu es aussi maigre que dans la suivante.

Richard : I agree but David Tennant’s suit isn’t that great either, is it ?

Richard : Je suis d’accord mais le costume de David Tennant n’est pas génial non plus, non ?

Me : It’s the Doctor, you’re no match to him. He’s the Doctor, you know, with-

Moi : C’est le Docteur, tu ne fais pas le poids. Il est le Docteur, tu sais, avec son…

Richard : I get it, I get it ! So, please, are we done ?

Richard : C’est bon, c’est bon, j’ai compris ! Alors, s’il te plaît, dis moi qu’on est arrivé au bout ?

Me : Yes sweetie, we are. I know I won’t turn you into some fancy styled actor, it’s not you, you’re just a 6’2” bloke right ?

Moi : Oui mon chou, nous avons terminé. Je sais que je ne ferais pas de toi un de ces acteurs fashion, ce n’est pas toi, tu est juste un gars d’1m89, c’est ça ?